“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Words have power. We can use them flippantly or we can handle them with care, using words to change ourselves and the world around us. In this workshop, we will write texts and tell stories to explore the things that pique our interests, ignite our fires, and make us wonder. Then we will delve into inquiry using literature, film, current events, the internet, and popular culture such as music. We will investigate the social justice warriors who have paved the way for the work we need to do and attempt to understand the antagonistic forces, within and without, that we will encounter while doing that work. We will draw, write, and tell stories that matter—by harnessing the power that words have to change our world! Join us for a hands-on and minds-on two weeks of thoughtfulness and fun in Writing Creatively for Causes.

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