Our choice is key to our understanding of the world, and having choice in Writing Workshop brings that understanding into focus. In this workshop, we will find our authentic writer’s voice by uncovering our values. We will take the Hero’s Journey to find the writer within.

In addition to plumbing pop culture—music, TV, and movies—as well as literature to find our “style tribe,” we will engage in a variety of writing tasks. We will attempt to answer the questions, “Why are our heroes good?” and “Why are our villains bad?” Out in the world, on TV, or in the movies, as well as at school or among our families and friends, there’s always some kind of conflict or friction. This conflict is the main ingredient of drama. Our experience of these daily dramas shape our view of good and evil, of heroes and villains.

Building a workshop with choice and voice

In our morning and afternoon sections, we are strengthening our writing muscles by writing to a variety of prompts, writing for varying lengths of time, taking frequent brain breaks, sharing our writing with peers using structured routines, exploring a wide range of mentor texts, and working through targeted mini-lessons.

Lessons have been focused on writer’s voice and characterization. We considered the elements of the Hero’s Journey and examined the Hero and Villain archetypes. As we have progressed through the sessions, students have embarked on their own Hero’s Journey of understanding character beyond stereotypes as well as what it means to be a writer when as students we are given discrete, rubric-guided assignments in school.

It’s been a fascinating ride!

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