Hello Laura and staff,

I wanted to share with you the wonderful things I have been noticing with my daughter, Sofia. But first let me tell you a little about her. She has always loved writing. She has gotten some awards in first grade (that’s how long ago her talent was noticed—if you ask me, it was her wonderful teacher pulling the best out of her). She writes me notes, she writes cards, she keeps a journal, she researches her own topics, etc. She looked forward to this writing camp since she found out she was going to be part of it. For the last few days, her notes have turned into letters and she now writes stories about anything! Thank you! Today she woke up really early in the morning and began writing. THANK YOU!

As a parent, I appreciate these educational opportunities and I try my best to find what she enjoys. I’m so glad I came across this program! You all are doing a great job.