4 Susan Listening1The Creative Writing Camp, held at Cumberland ES in Sunnyvale since 2005, is directed again this summer by Ms. Susan Seyan.  She is excited to share the 2018 classes with San Jose Writing Project teacher consultants.

Grade 3

Ms. Andrea Katz is a literacy specialist who truly enjoys spending time with kids.  She loves reading, writing and playing games. She is looking forward to Creative Writing Camp, where she gets to combine these loves.


In her workshop, All About Me, she will expose young writers to non-fiction mentor texts, challenge them to experiment with writing techniques and guide them through the writing process.  Through discussions, game playing and creative activities, young writers will share their own stories and learn to write non-fiction with confidence and gusto.

Some parents may know Ms. Katz from her Saturday workshops for Parent University.

conferring with writers

Grade 4

Kim Cosmas will teach her seventh summer at CWC.  She has taught elementary students for 13 years recently teaching 5th grade in the Fremont Unified School District.  Kim looks forward to CWC every summer.

“Our week at Creative Writing Camp will feature trying out a variety of different strategies to push our writing in fun and engaging ways. We will try writing from different perspectives and for varied audiences with outcomes that are bound to make us laugh. We’ll look at ways in which we can creatively use our science, social studies, and current events knowledge in our writing.  We will play Vocabulary Actors’ Studio to expand our vocabulary and improve writing word.”

Grade 5

Ms. Alicia Casas believes in the power of expression through writing.  She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to facilitate this form of expression for students at the CWC!  Ms. Casas is currently an instructor with the Mexican American Studies department at San José State University.  She teaches public speaking to University Freshman and Sophomores. Prior to this position she was a 3rd – 5th grade bilingual teacher for ten years in San José Unified School District. She is  an experience writing workshop teacher who brings much joy to her teaching.

Grade 6

Jane Gilmore

Jane Gilmore is a writer, instructor, and an Associate Director of the San Jose Area Writing Project.   Jane previously worked as an English and Social Studies teacher and instructional coach for the Mountain View Whisman School District before leaving to pursue a career in writing.  She is currently finishing her final course for Stanford’s Certificate in Novel Writing. Jane strives to create writing experiences that inspire and excite students, and you will find students playing her writing games at many of our SJAWP events.  You can find more information about Jane at her website ​www.joytothewords.com.

Grades 7-8

Ms. Jenson is a mommy, wife, teacher, and writer in the Bay Area. She loves playing board games with her family, introducing her daughters to all things book-y and geek-y, and writing. If she’s not doing any of the above, she can be found reading everything from YA to horror to cookbooks. She has been teaching writing and literature for 13 years and currently practices her craft at Crittenden Middle School in Mountain View.

Writing for Causes think together

In Ms. Jenson’s class, students will dabble in a variety of writing activities to promote fluency, creative thinking, and critical thinking. Our workshopped writing piece will be a time-travel story that incorporates online research, personal interviews, and narrative techniques to answer the question – what if I was transported to the time and place where my Mom/Dad was 13? Additional activities include: Poetry Poker, Story Dice, Lightning Round writing and more.

Register now:  https://sanjoseareawritingproject.getgalore.com/