ms JOn Monday, Aeriale Johnson’s class attended her presentation for the Teen Writing Institute. Ms. Johnson’s humorous teaching included seven important points for oral storytelling. Speech can bring power and life to writing. Telling our own stories is a deep way to connect.


Laura Brown, the director, captured these teaching points in her notebook as Ms. Johnson told stories and demonstrated each point.

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Ms. Brown: “All the teaching points are effective, and the most powerful to me was the final instruction to take the visual portrait of my story, put it in my pocket, and start telling it over and over. Oral rehearsal for writing is a brilliant way to do front-end revision as well as to get my voice and tone clear, as I listen to myself rehearse. Getting the words and sound effects in mind before typing or handwriting the story are especially great strategies for writers who are learning English. This not only richly develops the story idea, but also puts the writing conventions and editing part at the end of the process, where they belong.”

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