Teacher/Directors Ensure Camp is  a Safe, Fun and High-quality Writing Experience for Students

Creative Writing Camp at Cumberland ES

Director, Creative Camp at Cumberland
Ms. Susan Seyan

Ms. Seyan has been a teacher consultant with the SJ Writing Project since 2013.  She has given numerous Saturday and summer presentations for teachers and students.  An Intervention Specialist at Carson Elementary, Ms. Seyan focuses on reading needs for kindergarten through fifth grades.

Her favorite things to write include keeping a journal and blog, and she enjoys responding to literature, poetry, and what others have written.  “Writing is social for me,” she explains.

“I’m open-minded about music,” she explains.  “I love finding new bands and learning how other people express themselves.”

Ms. Seyan is on Instagram as “Davesmom” because she has a great little chihuahua named Dave.  “He accepts me unconditionally, he’s great with the cats — which was a surprise — and I’ve met neighbors through Dave I might never have known.”

Thinking of the 2018 CWC Ms. Seyan expresses her joy remembering how she sees students begin to truly enjoy writing.  “And, it is so gratifying to see the teaching staff light up!” she adds.  “The creative camp is a worthy and inspiring pursuit.”

Creative Writing Camp at St. Victor School

Director CWC at St. Victor and WW at SJSU
Ms. Laura Brown

Laura Brown has been a teacher consultant with the SJ Writing Project since 2004 and has served on the leadership team since 2009.  She has led district staff development in writing for teachers, she co-directs the Summer Institute for Teachers, and she has taught in or directed student summer writing programs since 2006.

Retiring from public education this year, Ms. Brown, has served the Mount Pleasant Elementary School District both as a classroom teacher and also as an Intervention Coach, assisting students and teachers with strategies for reading and writing.  In retirement, Ms. Brown looks forward to more time to promote the SJ Area Writing Project as well as her own projects — including drawing info comics on the increasing wealth gap in the USA.

Her favorite music programming is Sunday morning “Baroque by the Bay.”  Ms. Brown also feels a stirring of her Scottish roots in good fiddle music and she still listens to Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

Thinking of the upcoming CWC, Ms. Brown looks forward to the end of the first day or the morning of day two, when parents come up to her smiling with relief, and explain, “My child loves this camp!”  or “He’s glad he came.”  She also loves seeing the reluctant writers get into a project that matters to them. She is always wowed by the finesse of the teaching staff to make their workshops so engaging.

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