Kids were flinging soft frisbees, but now the main game is tag.  Some writers still picnic and chat on grass mats or hang out on the benches in the shade. Many more have brought their reading with them.

Several classes have gone to the library for research and to enjoy a beautiful place to write.  The view of the city from the 8th floor is dramatic.

One class visited the SJ Museum of Art.  Our TA, Flora, gave a guest lesson in making graphic novels for the Writing Love class.

The poetry classes have experimented with many ways into poems, including watercolor.

The Art Into Writing classes have explored butterflies and spirit animals, among other projects.

The Write It, Share It groups are working on slogans and preparing speeches.

MVIMG_20180719_111554 (1)

Today, the copies of Jewell Parker Rhodes’ five YA novels arrived, as a gift to us from the author.  Book love!