One compelling reason to come to the Saturday Seminars is to see your writing friends

Reconnect with peers from Writing Workshop, Creative Writing Camp, or the Teen Writing Institute. There are opportunities in Saturday Seminars to collaborate and socialize.

But, an even stronger reason to be there on September 30th, is that the middle and high school writers get to work with author, Margaret McMullen. 

Her author talk will be entertaining and instructive, plus you’ll get to try out craft lessons — or writing moves that will strengthen your writing.  Come be inspired by this engaging teacher and writer,  Margaret McMullan

Margaret McMullan

If you are in grades 3-5, there’s a cool class for you, too!

Mrs. Doucette’s workshop will engage you, and the attending teachers, in drawing a map of your neighborhood [or one from your home country] and then rehearsing with story telling.

Alexis and son

She will model writing strategies for you to try from the mentor text, Nothing Ever Happens on 96th Street. Mrs. Doucette has adapted this work from her summer study at NY Teachers College. She is a supportive teacher you will enjoy.

Why might this kind of writing be important? Author, Linda Christensen, explained in her article, How Our Stories Build Community, for – Rethinking

Mapping Childhood“These snapshots from students’ lives build classroom community and connect their home worlds to the curriculum.

We must teach students to write narratives in this time when their stories are dismissed as irrelevant or unimportant or impractical in the world of work. But we must also teach them to listen to other people’s stories, to learn lessons from Stephenie’s refusal to be sidelined by gender expectations, to celebrate a home that teaches the value of communal work, or to remember that there are consequences for destroying other people’s property.”



Come share your stories! 

See you at Sweeney Hall, SJSU Campus.

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