Young writers in opening activity

SJAWP Seminars for Students, Teachers and Parents

Partnerships made up characters and then invented trouble for them

After a meet-and-greet with breakfast snacks, coffee and tea, students went to the writing activity, Creating a Character.  During this warm-up, teacher leaders modeled and students eagerly followed, working in partnerships.

Parent Workshop

At the same time, parents who wanted to stay, made their way to the Parent Workshop with Andrea Katz.



During the workshops, 3-5 students participated with a lead teacher and attending elementary teachers, listening to and creating their own stories to tell.

Ms. J. tells a true story of a boy who frequently got in trouble
Everyone enjoys a story, especially one well told with action, sound, and humor

The teachers in attendance were apparently inspired and refreshed.





Meanwhile, middle school students and teachers were in a workshop with Mrs. Katie Adelman, exploring the power of personification.

Taking abstract qualities and turning them into people


High School

Meanwhile, in another room, high school teachers and students wrote together

Mrs. Laurie Weckesser led the group through a series of flash drafts for finding a topic.  Then writers poured over and discussed mentor texts for inspiration, and finally wrote their own essay defining a belief.

Getting started with flashdrafts
Discussing craft moves in mentor texts


DSCN4449 (1)DSCN4483

DSCN4484 (1)
Teachers writing along with students


Many thanks to our seemingly tireless staff of student administration assistants


And, also many thanks to the SJ Writing Project Director, Dr. Jonathan H. Lovell, who steers these inspiriting events.

Dr. Lovell explains how the units work for the Professional Learning Community for teachers

Please join us for Fall Saturday Seminar #2 on September 30, 2017, same times, same place – Sweeney Hall on the SJSU Campus.


Special author event for middle and high school students and teachers!


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